Rubber City Arches, LLC

We operate 24 McDonald's restaurants in northeast Ohio

There are two easy ways for employees to get help from the main office:

  1. Text us at (330) 403-8127 (all inquiries)
  2. Email (payroll) or (other inquiries).

Please include as much information as you can, such as ...

  • Your first and last name,
  • which store you work at,
  • what you need help with, etc.

Often we can help  WITHOUT a trip to our main office. 

HOWEVER, we can ONLY release information to YOU (not someone impersonating you).

Therefore, we will ask you to verify your identity — for example, by texting us a picture of your Driver’s License.  

Otherwise, you must visit the office in person with a Driver's License or other Photo ID.

Here are our most common questions:

  • QUESTION: Can someone tell me what my schedule is?
    • ANSWER: Schedules are posted by Thursday at 9am for the following week.
    • You can retrieve your schedule online with the Shift Messenger app for iOS and Android.
    • Otherwise, you must physically come to the restaurant to see your schedule.
    • Please do not call the restaurant.  Your coworkers are busy serving customers.  Our company's practice is not to give out schedule information over the phone.
  • Q: When is payday?
    • A: Payday occurs at 9am Monday morning, every other week.
    • You may see money in your account before that time, but we have no control over that, and we cannot expedite the process for you.
    • Please do not call the restaurant.  Your coworkers are busy serving customers.

Here are some other issues we can assist with (directly or by referral):


  • "I need a copy of my W-2"
  • "I need a pay history for ODJFS"
  • "I moved and need to change my address" (Form W-4)
  • "I got married or divorced and want to change my withholding" (Form W-4)
  • "I had a baby and want to change my withholding" (Form W-4)
  • "I need proof of employment for daycare"
  • "I have a pay rate or hours-worked discrepancy on my paycheck"
  • "I lost my paycard"
  • "I didn't get paid for my vacation"
  • "I need to change banks for my direct deposit"
  • "I want to change from paycard to direct deposit"


  • "I want information about tuition reimbursement or scholarships"
  • "I want information on how to earn a high school diploma through Archways to Opportunity"


  • "I need information about a Leave of Absence or FMLA leave"
  • "I have a conflict with a coworker"
  • "I am interested in advancing within the company"
  • "I want to transfer to another restaurant"
  • "I have jury duty and need a letter to be excused"
  • "I need a daycare letter"
  • "I have a great suggestion for the company"